First Birthday Party : Parents cherish every moment of their children and capture the moment with affection. The first birthday is an important milestone in the life of the child and the parents.

This is a special occasion as the baby has successfully completed one year. The first birthday party is a joyous event for the family and even the extended relatives.

first birthday party ideas for your loved one

The pictures taken during the event serves as a memorable moment in their entire lives. It is a day to fondly remember for many more events to come. Though the child is not old enough to recall the day, the photos serve as an everlasting fond memory.

The family takes extreme care in planning the event to make the joyous occasion. The guests share their happiness and blessing with the new parents. This is also a place to exchange interesting stories from other parents and grandparents.

Every aspect should be carefully planned to ensure a seamless party. Here are eight tips on how to plan a first birthday party that you and your baby will love.

1. Comfort Trumps Fun

The key element to remember while planning a birthday party hall hire is to consider the comfort of the baby. The newborn is accustomed to the comfort of the home with a few close relatives.

 They are unfamiliar with the bright lights, sound and even the new surrounding of the party. It is important to keep these aspects to the minimum. The excessive exposure can irritate them and make them cranky.

first year birthday party ideas

Always consider the baby’s welfare while planning the event. It might be a joyous occasion but it is the baby’s day and they should be comfortable throughout the event.

2. Check For a Safe And Secure Venue

Whether we like it or not, kids are highly susceptible to minor accidents. They are generally active and high sugar increases their energy levels. It is important to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the venue.

Even a small scrape can disrupt the entire mood of the party. Always double-check the venue for sharp edges and objects.

You can seek the assistance of the event manager or birthday function venue Melbourne Management Company to cover slippery floor and child proof the entire place. This will ensure a happy and secure event for the host and the guests.

3. Have Personalised Aspects

The first birthday party is not just another party or event. It marks the beauty and exquisiteness of a new member of the family. It is vital to create innovative ideas and activities to commemorate the birthday baby.

This can include recording of videos and photo booths to remember the day. Guests can also leave messages for the baby with some quirky tips.

1st birthday wishes for baby girl

These activities will help the family to bond with the baby, express their love and become a crucial part of their lives. The games should be entertaining and inspiring at the same time.

4. Design a Kid Centric Zone

The birthday party hall hire is crucial as it includes many children in the guest list. This is a kid-friendly event and parents tend to bring them alone. The challenge for the organisers is to keep them occupied and happy.

It is vital to design a kid-centric zone with unique games and activities. This will provide the necessary entertainment and also allow the parents time to socialise.

 It is important to designate a responsible adult to organise and oversee the entire activity.

Develope a kids centric zone for your kids first birthday party

5. Simple is The Key

Every event comes with its glitz and glamour. This is a mandated aspect of the events as it defines the taste of the host and provides entertainment to the guests.

 However, the selection of 1st  birthday party venue Melbourne of your baby is a little different from the other parties. This party is all about family bonding and celebrating the newest member.

1st  birthday party venue Melbourne

The event should be simple to aid the guests to enjoy with love and affection. This party is about sharing the love rather than showing off the strength.

6. Click, Click and Click

The baby is too small to understand the happening of the event in his or her first birthday party. The photos play a crucial role in the party as it captures some of the most beautiful moments.

Always hire a professional photographer to record the entire event. It is advisable to tell them to know about the different kinds of shots that are mandatory. It is better to take a lot of photos rather than missing critical ones.

hire a professional photographer for your kid's First Birthday Party You & Baby Will Love

7. Monitor The Temperature and sound levels

There are various elements of the event that can be stressful to the baby. The lights can be heavy on their eyes. The noise can be harmful to their tender ear drums.

The new atmosphere and people can make them feel uncomfortable. It is important to keep complete control over the external elements at all times.

You can also arrange for separate room for the baby for cases of emergencies. Anyway, speak with the event coordinator of your requirements well in advance to avoid any last minute confusions.

Check the sound and temperature level on your kid's first birthday

8. Get Creative With Food

Food is an essential aspect which can make or break the event. The organisers can create two different menus for the kids and the adults.

This can also be themed to mark the selection of  birthday function venues Melbourne.  

Always plan the menu in the right way to provide a wholesome experience. It is important to check for allergies for the children’s menu. The host can also leave a major ingredient list for the benefit of the parents.

Get creative with foods on your kid's first birthday

Always plan a party that will bring the family together and have exciting games for the children. Every element should be crafted to commemorate the small milestones of the birthday baby.

Small innovative additions can make a whole world of difference to the entire event. Design more activities and games that will keep the kids entertained and provide a bonding experience for the adults.

Additional care should be taken in finalizing the menu as children can be easily affected by allergies. Always have an emergency medical kit to organise a secure and happy event.


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